Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Makes A Sad Announcement

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Makes A Sad Announcement

The famous American reality television series known as the Dog the Bounty Hunter which aired on A&E and depicted the experiences of the bounty hunter known as Duane “Dog” Chapman took place in the state of Colorado or the Dog’s home state Hawaii. However, the airing, as well as production of the show, was halted by the network on 2007 because of the release of the audio tape in which the “n” word was repeatedly used by the show star Duane Chapman while he was having a discussion with his son’s black girlfriend. However, after the cancellation of the show, Beth, who is Duane Chapman’s wife, was hit with a severe diagnosis of throat cancer at stage II.  Source: Thetabpost

  1. She helped kidnap many Americans over victimless crimes, often as they hadn’t been convicted, even. She capitalized on the exploitation of people, her career defined as a parasite; something that lives off another’s waste or mistakes. She helped sensationalize a virulent blind adherence to our corrupted system and has never worked for change. This karmic action is getting off easy, in contrast to the devastation she’s visited on so many persons.

    • Really People that are out on bail.. Are in fact guilty or have admitted a form of guilt.. There for needing to post bail.. And they are the bounty.. When they fail to appear in court, or comply with the bails bonds man requirements… You obviously have either a criminal past!! Or are in denial of reality.. Or just a sexist pig who has no respect for human life… It is truly sad you MOM DIDN’T SWALLOW!! Or take the morning after pill.. For we as individuals are responsible for our own actions whether rite or wrong.. The devastation you speak of… Is put upon the family’s by the bail jumper!!!

  2. My dad went through this. He had stage 4 throat cancer. It was a long battle but through prayers and determination he made it through. Many prayers for Beth as she fights through this. And prayers for the family as it affects them as well. Much prayers and love for the Chapman family.

  3. I was diagoned with throat cancer in 2012 and went through 8 weeks of radiarion and 2 chemo treatments so my thoughts and prayers are with you Beth, Duane and family

  4. love you beth and dog. no worries. paula deen screwed up and her show is still going in a slightly different format. I love everyone, but not always what they do or say. we all make mistakes…

  5. We as humans do not get to sit in judgement of others. You make this statement like there is some sliding scale and what she allegedly did carries a sentence of death, what do I get for jaywalking? Hoping death upon someone has to be at least as bad and helping the police to apprehend fugitives from the law.

  6. I have watch your shows and i love them you 2 are good people but god got has his ways of life we dont understand sometimes We will pray for you may God take you in his hands and heal you.